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We Offer Personalized HR Services to Ensure Compliance

Did you know that organizations with 15 employees or more are subject to almost all of the same employment laws as a Fortune 500 company?  Using internal resources to keep up with the frequently changing regulations and to manually document compliance is inefficient and costly.  The potential cost of a single audit, charge, or employee lawsuit compels all employers to seek on-call expert advice, a partner to actively monitor policies and paperwork, and an efficient recordkeeping system.

Rural Heath Network of Oklahoma offers a proactive and efficient program for compliance with the mandates enforced by national and state agencies.  We partnered with HRFix to provide the tools and expertise to bring your organization to fully documented compliance and stay current despite new laws, court rulings, new enforcement agendas, or turnover.

Our Compliance Program Combines Personalized Service with Innovative SaaS Technology:
Living policies:  We provide current handbook policies and keep them updated as requirements change.  Our system automatically provides you with new language when policies need to change, and notifies your employees when the changes are incorporated.  You may use our policy templates or edit the language to your style.  Employees acknowledge receipt of handbooks online or when prompted by a manager, so you will never print another employee handbook.

HR forms library:  We provide the forms necessary to administer HR.  Use ours, load yours, or edit ours.  Your employees can complete the forms online, print, and scan the completed documents into their MyFile.  Managers can review and accept the forms, or send them back for correction.  If the form expires or a change is required, you will be sent a new form and have the opportunity to incorporate, edit, or pass. 

MyFile electronic personnel file:  Our proprietary document management system allows companies to go paperless with their employee files.  Personnel files, medical files, I-9s, employee relations files, and any other employment records are stored securely, properly partitioned, with document retention rules built in.  Control access to sensitive information, get rid of your filing cabinets, and purge information you are no longer required to keep.

Online compliance training:  We train your employees and managers on mandated topics, and topics that can pose a high risk to employers with our built-in, customizable, compliance syllabus. 

In addition, you can:

  • Train your employees on any topic you wish with our easy to use training builder.

  •  Notify managers and employees when initial training and recurrent topics are due, and instantly view the completion status of your workforce.

  •  Set goals for your employees and print certificates upon completion.

Other Services:
Management hotline: Our group of seasoned professionals assists managers and executives with compliance related management decisions.  When you need best practices advice on a real-world situation, from application to termination, help is a phone call away.
Employee hotline: We provide a non-retaliatory, third party advisor to receive employee concerns about their specific work environment.

Also Available
HRFix can also help with on-site training, workplace investigations, disciplinary write-ups, unemployment claims response, EEOC charges, Wage and Hour audits, and other compliance related projects, billed at an hourly rate.

Technology & Service = Efficiency & Peace of Mind
Refined over 20 years, this comprehensive program has been proven effective for hundreds of employers, with tens of thousands of employees, across many industries.  The HR Compliance System enables efficient communication, a well trained work force, proper record keeping, and includes a trusted best practices advisor for any situation that could arise from the employee/employer relationship.  

To schedule an online demo of the HRCS system, brought to you exclusively by RHN of Oklahoma, contact Director Stacie Pace, or call