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We Offer Personalized HR Services to Ensure Compliance

Did you know that organizations with 15 employees or more are subject to almost all of the same employment laws as a Fortune 500 company? Using internal resources to keep up with the frequently changing regulations, and to manually document compliance, is inefficient and costly. The potential cost of a single audit, charge, or employee lawsuit compels all employers to seek on-call expert advice, obtain a partner to actively monitor policies and paperwork, and secure an efficient recordkeeping system.

Rural Heath Network of Oklahoma offers a proactive and efficient program for compliance with the mandates enforced by national and state agencies. We have partnered with HRFix to provide the tools and expertise necessary to bring your organization to fully documented compliance, while staying current despite new laws, court rulings, new enforcement agendas, or turnover.

To learn more, download our brochure (PDF 588 KB).   Text

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